Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warrior Dash... dashed?

I'm not sure who all has been following this, but according to the latest from the Dallas Morning News, the Warrior Dash is on.

Well maybe. They think so. I get the impression they kept shaking their magic 8-ball until they got "all signs point to yes."

OK seriously, the organizers spent all day yesterday in court dealing with their lack of permits, inadequate parking and crowd control. The Dallas county judge finally ruled that the event won't be shut down if the organizers can keep crowds "below 2,500 at any given time."

According to the email sent out by the organizer I got this afternoon, there will be off-site parking and a shuttle service:

"We will be offering off-site parking, within less than 5 miles of the course. There will be continuous shuttle service running all day to and from the event. There is no additional charge for the shuttle service; this includes participants as well as spectators.The exact address for the parking location will be available by Thursday night. This information will be sent via email and posted to the Warrior Dash Texas website page."

Groovy. Game on!


Not so fast.

According to the Dallas Morning News article there are about 18,000 scheduled participants - who will start the 4 mile race in heats of 500, every thirty minutes. Oh, and they expect approximately 10,000 spectators.

With numbers like that, I don't get how they are going to accomplish keeping the crowd down to 2,500...

This sounds like a clusteryou-know-what waiting to happen...

But, unless this thing gets officially cancelled, I'll see ya'll in Dallas on Saturday!

Then again, maybe not...

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