Friday, May 14, 2010

reading 101

I was going to post a fun little comment on today's workout, and what looks to be an excellent recipe for home-made spice rub since bbq season is here...

Yeah... false alarm. My complete astonishment over the video below just shot to hell all that happy Friday stuff.

Short version? On April 23rd, 2010 Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed into law the Arizona Immigration bill. It's now the 14th of May, 2010 and the United States Attorney General goes before the House Judiciary Committee and says that he hasn't yet read the law!

Never mind that it's now been three weeks since this law was passed - starting a storm of public controversy - or that the Attorney General has already made public comments about this law - but why can't he bother to read the actual 16 pages of the law? At the very least you'd think he'd do it because maybe the subject would come up while testifying before the House committee that oversees the Justice department???

Now, Representative Poe misstates the actual results of the WSJ/NBC poll, but it seems to me that something is very rotten in the state of Denmark when the US Attorney General hasn't actually read the law that he has been commenting on. That's pretty sad coming from a lawyer with such a distinguished background.

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