Wednesday, May 26, 2010

weighted pulls, jerks, and a tasty F'n meal

weighted pull-ups

45lbs -50-55-55-55-55
Yes I know that's six sets, but I was feeling good!

for time:
400 meter run
21 dumbbell push-jerk @ 55lbs DBs
21 box jumps
400 meter run
15 dumbbell push-jerk
15 box jumps
400 meter run
9 dumbbell push-jerk
9 box jumps

DNF. That feeling good part went away in a hurry! At the 15 minute cutoff I had completed the third 400 meter run and was starting the 9 set. I took waaay too long on the push-jerks. The 55lbs dumbbells didn't feel that bad for the 21 round. The 15 round? Smoked me.

Big Mike is in the kitchen again for the second installment of tasty F'ing meals:

It takes a real man to wear an apron like that...

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Episode numero uno is here.

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