Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend update

Saturday about noon... met up with Eric, Nick, Mandy, and several thousand other runners in the country just outside Dallas for a little trail run... with obstacles... and mud... oh yeah a swimming portion too... and fire!

for time:
Warrior Dash 3.5 mile trail/obstacle run


It was a slip-sliding, rope-climbing, bog-swimming, fire-jumping, people-watching, beer-drinking (post race of course), muddy good time!

And the people watching was excellent... I saw a Spartan soldier, a blue body-painted avatar chick, some ninja-turtles, a plethora of smurfs, some Santa outfits, and two gentlemen who ran the race in full suit-and-tie (one of whom carried a briefcase through the entire course). I can also report that I found Waldo. Twice.

I am however reduced to hunt-and-peck typing right now. I jammed the f*** out of the middle finger on my right hand in a muddy slip and fall somewhere along the course. Ya know, one of those injuries you don't feel immediately, but starts to make itself known 10-15 minutes later...

So, after washing most of the muck off, I bid my fellow dashers adios, hopped in my trusty jeep, and headed into Dallas towards the casa of my lovely friend Hilary. There I showered, made myself presentable, and accompanied her downtown to the Meyerson for a performance of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Outstanding. Phenomenal. If my finger wasn't killing me right now I'd be flipping through a thesaurus for you. Anyway, if you appreciate and enjoy classical music you know what I'm trying to get at. In CrossFit lingo, they crushed it like a sub-three minute Fran. It was a wonderful evening.

From a muddy obstacle-filled trail run to an evening at the Dallas symphony! Love it. I hope your weekend was a fun as mine!

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