Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm baa-aack

Man it feels so good to be back to training! After my little injury-induced vacation it felt like coming home to walk into CrossFit Central this morning. I say that for two reasons.

One, because it's true.

Two, I felt like chiming in on the big-box vs small-box "debate". It's about the quality of training peoples! To have that you need competent, professional coaches who have a passion for what they do. When you love doing something, going the "extra mile" is a pleasure and a privilege. They've built a community, a culture of success. When your coaches and friends are focused on skills improvement, nutrition, and goals setting, it makes you want to "up your game." It's also a lot of fun. That is why CrossFit Central is so successful. Period.

On to the WOD today...

20 November 2009
WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"tabata roll with it"
8 intervals for each movement of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
barbell push-jerk @ 75lbs
med-ball clean @20lbs med-ball
row (calories = reps)

The Mike's had us keep a cumulative total of reps for the whole workout (much easier than scoring each movement). My number today was 233. The barbell push-jerk and push-ups treated me well. The med-ball cleans killed me, but my back felt good the whole way!

It's Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend y'all.

S...s..s..s..s.. A..a..a..a..a.. F..f..f..f......

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  1. Welcome back Aaron. The family missed you while you were healin'.