Monday, November 9, 2009

rest day thoughts...

As for my whole lower-back muscle spasm/strain situation, I'm seeing real improvement now that I'm resting it for real, even on the days where I feel pretty good. I can't wait to get back to training, but when I do, it will be once I'm completely healed.

I was going to post several links, but below is the one I want to post above all else. The Fort Hood shooting has been all over the news lately, and I don't have anything to say other than I never cease to be horrified by the worst of humanity, or amazed by our best. Many of you are likely already aware of this woman, but I'd still like to share this article about Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley.

Nicknamed "Mighty Mouse" (before the shooting), this mother of two is credited as the one who took down the Fort Hood shooter, and was seriously wounded in the process.

"Here I come to save the day!" indeed.

Well done ma'am.

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