Wednesday, March 31, 2010

getting better!

Woke up still sore from "Angie" on Monday but looking forward to the unknown (I'm on a streak of not checking the twitter page). It's feels good to just walk in and find out what the workout is right then; ignorance being bliss perhaps? Anyway, in today's WOD I got to face down an old foe of mine... the stripper deadlift.

for time:
100 wall-ball @ 20lbs medicine ball
25 deadlifts @ 225lbs barbell
1,000 meter row

18:49 rx'd. Felt good today. Not fast so much as solid. I was a little slow knocking out the wall-balls, and my deadlifts took awhile to be sure, but my form was solid throughout! Bye bye stripper deadlift - hellllllooooo solid form! Finishing with the thousand meter row at the end was cake, really just a matter of staying moving.

It feels good to have a solid training day right on the heels of getting tore up by "Angie!"

Happy hump-day everybody!

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