Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mumford & Sons, snatch work

Last night Ingrid and I saw Mumford & Sons at Stubb's. They put on an outstanding show!

I've been in "GO! GO! GO!" mode so much lately my "down time" usually involves eating a quick meal and passing out. Occasionally I've even cut out the meal part and gone right to sleep! So it's hard to describe how special it was to just slow down and take in a great show - all in the company of a wonderful, beautiful woman! Life doesn't get much better.

Here's Mumford & Sons performing their song "Awake My Soul:"

This morning at SICFIT Austin we worked the barbell snatch...

800 meter run
3 rounds of "Cindy" w/strict pull-ups
100 jump-rope double-unders

snatch deadlift 3×3

snatch high-pulls 3×3

hang-squat snatch 3×3

OHS 3×3
I only did one set at 135 lbs. My legs were talking to me after yesterday's backsquats, so I skipped on to full snatch work.

squat snatch 3×1
105-115-125F-125PR TIE

Just missed 125lbs so I got an extra one in and hit it. My squat snatch still needs lots of work, but it's getting better. And I got 'em all without using my crutch: the split-snatch... improvement feels good!

Peace y'all.

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