Monday, November 29, 2010

unleash yourself

“You cannot be great if you never try to be greater than yourself. That's where true greatness really lies. Unleash yourself.”
~ Erwan Le Corre

You gotta read Blair Morrison's latest post: Fitness is...

Hey! What's this still reading here stuff?? Go. Read it. Then re-read it. Absorb it. Apply it. Unleash yourself.

box squat
10x2 @ 85% of 1RM, sets across
4-count down, fast up

All at 185#, felt good.

WOD from CrossFit Football
for time:
kettlebell American swing @ 2 pood
dumbbell thruster @ 50lbs DBs

7:59 rx'd

Slow. Swings and pull-ups unbroken, but I took all day long on the dumbbells. Hellllloooo Monday!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as great as mine! I spent the weekend in Pearland with my family, where I met my cousin's baby girl Charlotte!

Charlotte and me

Charlotte with her mom and dad

Life is great! Peace.

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