Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13th of July 2010

Still working out the kinks in my lower back. Seriously, I'm way too young to have a "back problem." So, with the low back a little tight, and this morning my shoulders were pretty sore from all the handstand push-up work yesterday, I wasn't thrilled to see shoulders on the menu for today's training. But what's life without a little challenge?

barbell press

barbell push-press

barbell push-jerk

press: 95-100-105F-100-105F
not a great start, actually quite disappointed with this, I've done heavier strict press before...

push-press: 110-125-130-135-140
as soon as I switched to push-press I started feeling better

push-jerk: 130-135-140F(x2)-140-145F(x2)
shoulders were getting fatigued here, but my technique felt better, so I'm happy with these numbers, really wanted 145lbs x3 though... next time!

All in all, a pretty good training session.

George Steinbrenner passed away today at the age of 80. Love him or hate him, he took an already storied baseball team and made it the most successful and well known brand in the world.

RIP George.

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