Friday, July 2, 2010

ass kicking Friday

And it was mine that got kicked! I strolled into the gym feeling pretty good after a day off. JT took care of that in a hurry! ;)

After warming up we broke out the kettlebells...

3 rounds
5 dual kettlebell clean & press @ 20kg KBs
1 wheelbarrow walk

Fun! Feeling good at this point...

5 rounds for time:
10 bodyweight back squats
15 ring dips

19:20 at 150lbs barbell. This just flat out crushed me. Well, honestly, the back squats did. I completed all 5 sets of ring dips unbroken. The squats were a different story. I had to break 'em up into pathetically small groups (the last round being 5 sets of 2!). That was the toughest thing I've done at SICFIT Austin thus far. Big thanks to Jeremy and the guys in class for pushing me through!

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