Saturday, July 24, 2010

playing with the tribe

Nope not the Cleveland Indians, I went down to the AHS track to do weight vest strength training and a workout, and ran into Bonita and her crew setting up! So I did an abbreviated version (max reps time 3 instead of max reps times 5) with the weight vest and then jumped in and did their WOD. Good stuff!

with 25lbs weight vest:
max parallel bar dips x3
max strict pullups x3

dips: 17-14-9
pullups: 12-9-6
not great numbers but not bad

for time:
800 meter run
25 burpees
15 SDHP @ 75lbs barbell
800 meter run
25 pullups
400 meter run
100 double-unders

19:11 rx'd. Great start to the weekend - thanks to Bonita for bringing the barbells!

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