Wednesday, February 10, 2010

internet break, weekend update, and DOMS

Been light on the blogging lately... took a little break from the internet. I enjoyed not being "plugged in" so much.

On Saturday my WOD was: 400 meters walking lunges with 25lbs weight vest. My time was 17:11 at 351 lunge steps. Sucked.

On Sunday I could barely walk, did the trigger point thing, and stretched but come Monday it was hellllooooo DOMS. DOMS is an acronym for delayed onset muscle soreness. We're talking glutes and hammies tender to the touch, painful to walk, and all that jazz. No rhabdo, just really really really really really freaking sore. So I took Monday as another rest day. Then I took one on Tuesday as well...

Since I woke up this morning and was back to a "normal level" of sore, I tucked in my skirt and went to the gym. I'm not gonna lie, I was less than enthused about today's WOD:
4 x 800 meter run
*approx 3 minute rest interval

This is one of those that you're supposed to get better times as you progress through the rounds... not I. I was fairly consistent though. My times were 2:54, 3:03, 3:03, and 3:02.

Maui wowee that sucked. It's good to be back ;)

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