Monday, May 4, 2009

04 May 2009

WOD: at CrossFit Central
"fight gone bad"
three rounds
one minute each station, one minute rest between rounds
score is total number of reps

Wall Ball @ 20lbs medicine ball
Sumo Deadlift High @ Pull 75lbs
Box Jump
Push Press @ 75lbs
Row (calories = points)

There was only time for two rounds in class today, my score after those two was 198 rx'd... frustrating. I really wanted to go for 300+ today. Hit the wall in round 1 - not a good sign - but peeled myself of the floor for round 2 and managed to stay consistent. To break 300 I would've had to rock the socks off round 3, but that's what it's all about... digging deep when you feel like sh**! Next time... next time we meet FGB, I'm going to own your ass.

More CrossFit Central athletes in action at the qualifier:

Richard White locking out 155lbs overhead... textbook.

coach Chris Hartwell's rowing

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