Monday, May 18, 2009

18 May 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"four rounds for time"
400 meter run
50 squats

12:27 was my time. Feeling better after two days off this weekend! Glad to be back at it. We did some knees-to-elbows and, just when you though it was over... six rounds Tabata pushups!

A Tabata round = 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest, your score is the round with the lowest rep count.

Our "rest" was holding the plank position! Ouch... my score was 4! Just when you think you're not bad at pushups (Spartan 300 WOD thank you very much) CrossFit has a wonderful way of crushing whatever bit of ego you might have festering...

Fun way to start the week!

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