Tuesday, May 5, 2009

05 May 2009

WOD: with Austin Unscared
2009 CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier WOD #2
"for time"
50 pullups chest-to-bar
50 burpees

My time was 7:11 as rx'd. Fun... in that painful sort of way.

It's funny what goes through your mind as you lay there trying to catch your breath... so I'm on the ground, all wrecked, staring up at the sky - this being my first, and very likely only workout today - and I kept thinking about how Dutch, Lance, and Carey rocked this WOD in the qualifier as their second workout of the day! Seeing it, and feeling it (sort of) are two wholly different things....

Their times for this WOD, by the way... Dutch at 3:13, Lance at 3:37, and Carey at 6:07.

I in no way mean to take away from the stellar performances of so many last Saturday, it's just that those three really stuck in my mind. Getting a very small taste of what all the competitors went through once again reminded me how privileged I am to be surrounded by a world-class group of athlete/coaches at CrossFit Central! Y'all rock!

speaking of rockstars...


  1. Um... yeah. 3:13 is INSANE. And your time of 7:11 is inhumanly wonderful, too, Aaron.

    Here's my blog post about this workout. I have MUCH room to grow ;-)

  2. Very kind words Mel, thank you. But I had help - I had 4 people in my face counting, yelling, and not letting me rest!

    We ALL have room to grow, just don't lose sight of how far you've already come!