Sunday, May 3, 2009

CrossFit Games Qualifier: End Day 1

Congratulations to all the CrossFit Central athletes and coaches who competed today! What an amazing experience! I had a blast (even when it rained), and I'm already going hoarse from yelling so much.

It is a privilege to be around such a great group of people. I love that the person coming in last on a workout gets the loudest cheers of support! Only in CrossFit!

At the end of day one of the Hell's Half Acre regional qualifier for the 2009 CrossFit Games... and two workouts today...

The top 5 women are:
1. Carey Kepler
2. Pollyanna Bobseine
3. Lindsey Smith
4. Crystal Mcreynolds
5. Nikki Hall

The top 5 men are:
1. Dutch Lowy
2. Breck Berry
3. Lance Cantu
4. Jason Boag
5. Anthony Mungioli

One final workout tomorrow!

CrossFit Central's Carey Kepler after completing WOD #2...

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