Friday, May 15, 2009

15 May 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"for time"
KB thrusters @ 1.5 pood (approx. 52 pounds)
burpee-box jumps

I got through 3 reps of the "6" round by the 20 minute cutoff at the rx'd weight. That's 37 KB thrusters and 34 burpee-box jumps in 20 minutes. No bueno.

That workout smoked me... just getting two 1.5 pood KBs in the rack got challenging at times during this one. The burpee-box jumps became the "fun" part.

Week one of the Spartan Challenge is over, and it's never been more obvious that strength is my weakness. Period. My ability to lift/move heavy weights is lacking. Nobody likes to admit they suck at something, but this week has shown me that strength is what I need to work on most. I used to rationalize it by saying something like "well I'm skinny but for my body type I'm pretty strong." No more. FU** THAT. Rationalization is another word for excuse. Excuses help you to avoid overcoming your weaknesses. I won't get better with a thought process like that.

Big Mike is my coach for the Spartan challenge, and he's told me to do heavy lifting at least two days a week - days I'm not training at Crossfit Central.

So... I've got a goal (improved strength), and I've got a plan to get there (lift heavy twice a week), all that's left to do is do it!

I am determined to turn my weakness into a strength.

Check out Zach Thiel's stubborn determination...

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