Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25 August 2010

Woke up tired. Not really sore, just feeling like there wasn't much "gas in the tank" as it were... so I made some coffee and hit the road for the gym. Why? Because I love starting my day with the great people in the 6:30AM class at SICFIT Austin. They all are dedicated to excellence the way The Wolfpack guys are. It's fun and motivating to surround yourself with quality people like that. Anyway, it was good I "ignored" my body's complaints this morning 'cause we got in some great training.

3x 10 unbroken reps

I lost my grip on the 1st set, refocused and did the other two sets unbroken. Felt good.

"JT" for time:
handstand pushup
ring dip

My time was 13:48. Did the 21 round with kipping HSPUs and unbroken ring dips. On the 15 round I scaled the HSPU with feet up on the squat rack, but got unbroken ring dips again. The 9 round was just a slog to the finish. Overall pretty happy with my time - that was the most HSPU I've done in a workout without scaling.

Despite dragging a$$ into the gym this morning, I felt good throughout today's training. Have a great "hump day" y'all.

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