Thursday, October 7, 2010

active recovery Thursday

It's another beautiful day in Austin, Texas!

Check it - Kstar covers shoulder mobility today (nice shirt too!). Just what I needed after split jerks yesterday.

Big Mike stepped in to coach for the traveling Mike Winchester this morning.

3 rounds, with a 25lbs weight vest, max work 30 seconds each station, approx 1:30 between rounds
* sledge hammer tire slams
* KB box steps with 1.5 pood
* push-ups

I didn't really keep track of reps, just made sure I worked hard for the whole 30 seconds. We finished up class with bear crawl ladder drills. I had some fun and worked some of the soreness out of my shoulders. Thankfully today's workout was geared towards recovery! Good stuff.

See y'all maƱana. Peace.

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