Thursday, October 14, 2010

shoulder mobility and tacos! ohh my

This morning is the first time my shoulders haven't been sore since Sunday! It gets better... the whiteboard had mobility drills and recovery work all over it when I walked into this gym this morning!

We warmed up with a few "late" burpees (for Firas), a row/run combo, inchworm stretch w/scorpion, and some PVC pipe lat/shoulder work (pass-through, dislocates, cat-cow stretch). Then we went through twenty KB windmills with 16kg, two sets of air-squats/push-ups/pull-ups, and the 5-way shoulder mobility drills.

5x1 @ 85% 1RM

All at 105lbs. Truthfully, felt pretty easy.

After class the 0630 crew, Winchester, and Sam Sneed went for breakfast at the newest Torchy's Tacos in town! They opened yesterday at 5119 Burnet Road A.K.A. directly across the street from SICFIT Austin!

Damn good way to start the day! Peace.


  1. 5 way mobility drills are awesome! Mobility WOD blog, in general, is pretty stellar...I'm going to start doing some/a lot of those!

  2. Yes! MWOD is the bomb! I'm working at doing mobility drills of some kind every day...