Tuesday, October 5, 2010

active recovery Tuesday

"Recovery is 100% of the recovery and 0% of the work and work is 100% of the work. Otherwise its recovery."
- Jacob L.

I'm back training with the early morning SICFIT Austin crew on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to midday scheduling. I'm pumped to be training with these athletes again!

My legs were pretty torched from all of yesterday's work, so I was relieved to see what we had in store today.

800 meter run
3 rounds:
10 pvc OHS
10 pushups
10 pvc rotations
10 dead-hang pullups

2-3 minutes work at each station, time at station dictated by the runner's 800m time:
* inch worm with scorpion
* row
* burpees
* 800m run
* dual KB rack hold (@ 53 lbs)

Turkish get-ups

20 @ 35lbs KB (10R,10L)
2 @ 45lbs barbell (1R,1L)
2 @ 65lbs barbell (1R,1L)

Drank a recovery shake and took a nap right afterward. Good stuff today! Peace.

Jeff Martone and the Turkish get up:

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