Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hump day PR!

After assisting Big Mike's 0530, 0615, and 0700 indoor classes I continued with my strength work focus.

My legs and shoulders are still a bit tight and sore, so I rolled out and then eased into a long warm-up with rowing, OHS, pvc rotations, and pull-ups. Then did a few light sets of strict press, push-press, and 3x3 split-jerks.

split jerk


I'm really starting to enjoy this lift. I asked Big Mike to watch my 165 attempt - and with tips on getting under the bar a little faster - 175 and 185 felt solid. Actually wanted to go for 195lbs but self discipline got the better of me. Gotta stick with the program! Feeling great though - any day with a PR is a good day!

Dutch Lowy split jerks 245lbs at CrossFit Central back in early 2009.

Happy hump day y'all! Peace.


  1. PR's all over the place! Great job Aaron!

  2. Thanks Lory! It's been a great week!