Thursday, October 21, 2010

kung-fu grip?

I was thinking after Tuesday's workout that I needed to work on my grip strength. Winchester must have though the same thing...

A. Warm up.

B. 3 rounds, 60 seconds work each station, 10 second transition between:
-Bar dips
-Single leg box jumps (20″)
-Tire flips
-Towel pull-ups (dead-hang)
-Dual plate pinch hold (25#/15#) *10 rep penalty for dropping plate(s)
*Rest 2 minutes between each round. Score for each round is total reps.

My reps = 92-77-72

Dips, box jumps and burpees were money - but the towel pull-ups followed by plate holds was some seriously awesome grip work! I didn't drop the plates either! My forearms were toasted at the end of 3 rounds, but the grip training had just begun...

B. Grip work:
-1 x isometric hold to failure, chin above bar. Hands face towards body.
51 seconds, felt good here
-1 x isometric hold to failure, chin above bar. Hands face away from body.
29 seconds, grip gone!
-1 x dead hang to failure. Grip of choice.
32 seconds, fingertips almost from start, tough!

C. K-Star mobility WOD
-Stay in a deep squat for 5 minutes
This was the easy part!! So we mugged for the camera... L-R: Brian, myself, and Mark.

Another great post by Elliot Schrock!

See y'all Friday! Peace.

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