Thursday, October 28, 2010

bring yourself peace

"If half a century of living has taught me anything at all, it has taught me that nothing can bring you peace but yourself."
~ Dale Carnegie

A. 1 Strict Press, 2 Push Press, 3 Push Jerk. Unbroken. X3


Just OK performance. Strict press being the limiting factor. Push press and push jerks were cake at that weight. Still, shoulders felt decent after yesterday's split jerks.

B. Partner workout:
-Run 440 yds. / max rep pullups
-Run 440 yds. / max rep KB swings @ 24kg
-Run 440 yds. / max rep overhead squats @ 95lbs
-Run 440 yds. / max rep squat cleans @95lbs

*Person 1 runs while Person 2 completes max-rep pullups. When P1 returns from run, P1 completes max-rep pullups while P2 runs. Continue on in this fashion until the workout is complete.
**Score = Time – # of combined reps (as a team) for all 4 movements (1 rep = 1 second)

Teamed up with Firas on this one. I started on the run and anchored the reps portion of the workout.

Our time was 17:02 rx'd or 1022 seconds (workout) – 249 (total team reps) = 773 seconds final score.

My rep counts were:
46 pullups
40 KB swings
17 OHS
13 squat cleans

Smoker of a workout. My low back got super tight on the squat cleans. Felt good for a couple of multi-rep sets, then it just got painful to get set in the deadlift position. At least it happened at the end of the workout...

My body is apparently ready for a rest day! So I'm looking at you Friday... Peace.

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