Friday, October 22, 2010

burning the candle at both ends

I decided to go ahead and do a workout this morning after assisting with the early indoor classes. Regular intense training and a lack of sleep is NOT a good combo...

3 rounds for time:
21 deadlifts @ 225lbs
12 pull-ups

7:32 rx'd. Just blah. Felt like I had no "go" from the start. Even got chills while warming up. Anyone ever get that? Another warning sign I ignored. Only resulted in a bad workout this time. However, being this stubborn on a regular basis is how injuries occur. Anyhoo, I only got the first round of pull-ups unbroken. Then my grip was gone! The deadlift weight wasn't a problem, it was keeping a hold on the damn bar - even with the hook grip - that was the hard part.

I'm going with lack of sleep as my excuse for today's poor performance. I stayed at the office until 11PM last night. So I'll just say that I was rolling on a less-than-needed amount of sleep.

Rest weekend here I come! Hope yours is a safe and fun one. Peace.

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