Wednesday, September 22, 2010

back squat hump day

It's hump day boys and girls - and it's the first official day of fall. After assisting Big Mike with the 5:30, 6:15, and 7AM classes, I did some strength work. Gotta work on your weaknesses! Mine, is moving heavy $h!t...

I got a solid warm-up in that included some rowing, just working out the soreness in my back and shoulders.

back squat


Felt good. Every set was hard work. Thought I could do 195lbs on the last set, only got two reps and had to dump the bar. No worries though. Working to failure is how you get stronger! So watch out, I can still meet my goal of a 1rep max back squat at 225lbs by Christmas. Stay tuned...

Also played at rope muscle-ups with JDP and Ben. Fun! Tough stuff, but fun!

Talk about a great morning! Go and make yours a great day y'all. Peace.

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