Saturday, September 4, 2010

the Wolfpack buddy up WOD

Met up with the guys for another fun Saturday morning workout at Barton Springs.

for time:
1 mile run (cut short b/c there is a "no running" policy)
50 buddy tow swim, switch partners and come back
30 meter wheelbarrow walk, every step stop and execute 1 pushup, fireman's carry back to start
2nd partner wheelbarrow walk, fireman's carry back to start
partners complete together (one person works at a time) -
150 kettlebell swings
150 sit ups
150 squats

200 meter swim (cut short by end of early morning "free swim" period)

Firas and I teamed up, completed "most" of the run, and approx 1/3 of the swim in 42 minutes (KB at 20kg). In spite of the repeated lifeguard interruptions, it was a fun workout.

The pack then retired to Austin Java for some breakfast!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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