Thursday, September 16, 2010

testing, testing, smoking

The humidity is down! It was a pleasant 93 at 13:15 when class started today. Can fall weather be far off??

max reps dual 24kg kettlebell clean/press in 90 seconds:

17 clean/push-press
Got the nod that clean/push-press was acceptable so that's what I went with.

max reps pistol (one leg) squats in 90 seconds:

22 pistols
Not great numbers, but I'm happy with it. My legs strength is still improving...

We got out of tackling the SICFIT 300 because Big Mike already had other fiendish plans devised...

5 rounds for time:
3 muscle-ups
6 tire flips (the big one, 300+lbs)
9 dual KB front squat @ 24kg KBs

Doesn't look that bad on the screen right? Well it felt bad by round 3, though I'm sure I looked worse! My time was 21:08 rx'd. Muscle ups were cake, the tire flips were OK, but it was KB front squats smoked me. Tough one!

Look out kids! KStar has a skeleton and a lacrosse ball... and he's not afraid to use 'em! Good stuff in today's Mobility WOD.

See ya Friday! Peace.

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