Friday, September 17, 2010

fun Friday

What's news? Today in the 5:30 AM indoor class Erin got her first kipping pull-up! After high-fives from all nearby, she then promptly strung 2-3 together! Way to go Erin!

This afternoon at SICFIT Austin we got in some interval training. Team style.

3 rounds, 4 team members, one at each station, time at stations set by each member's turn on sled drags:
2 laps inside gym of backwards sled drag @ 270lbs
max reps tire jumps
max reps bench press @ 155lbs
rest station (spot bench press)

I didn't even try to keep track of my reps today. Just worked as hard as I could and had some fun. My slow sled dragging allowed Chris H., Rich, and Chad get some extra reps in! You're welcome fellas. No need to thank me. We finished up with medicine ball sit-ups and Russian twists, followed by plank holds. Good stuff!

No word yet on a Wolfpack workout. With CrossFit Central's free community workouts maƱana and Fight Gone Bad 5 next weekend, my guess is the pack with be otherwise occupied for a short while. Stay tuned folks, this crew doesn't just fade away, we'll be back.

Happy Friday y'all. Have fun this weekend, be safe and watch out for each other. Peace.

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