Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hello again weaknesses

We did more baseline testing today, and it was of two of my weakest movements!

establish a one rep max snatch


Never having set a 1RM snatch before, I knew there was a PR coming my way at least... I got 105# full squat no prob, but going up from there was getting sloptastic. Hit 115# with a full snatch sloppy style, decided to try it split snatch and felt solid. So I went for 125# (big jump in weight I know) and failed, then hit it as a split snatch. Being all over the map like this means only one thing - my snatch technique sucks! But hey, admitting it is the first step right? ;)

max reps handstand-pushups

1 strict HSPU

Blah. I need to spend more time inverted it seems! Stayed after class and got 6 kipping unbroken... it's time to add HSPU as part of my warm-up everyday.

Just because it's awesome, watch Naim Suleymanoglu AKA "pocket Hercules" set snatch world records! Video from 1988.

It's raining! Loving it. Peace.

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