Thursday, January 20, 2011

new way

"To get to the next level we've got to see ourselves in a new way"
- Tony Robbins

I woke up with painfully sore legs this morning. I discovered that they still worked once I crawled out of bed, so I went to the gym fully intending to cupcake. Visions of trigger point and mobility work danced in my head. I even cleared doing so with coach Mike Winchester... especially once I saw the whiteboard!

A. 20 minutes to warm-up (athlete's choice)
B. 20 minutes to establish a 1RM clean
C. 20 minutes to establish a 1RM snatch

But, I decided that after warming up I'd use the time as skill practice for the two lifts, staying with light weight. Funny thing is, once I warmed up, my legs felt good! So I started working on cleans...

B. cleans
165-175-185PR TIE-195F-195F

Tied my PR. Happy with that. Not thrilled that I could hit 195 solid in the bottom of the front squat, but couldn't stand it up...

So then my legs were really toasted! I decided it was time to play it smart and went light on the snatch for technique work. Never went above 115, but got in some much needed practice.

Then I chowed on recovery tacos and coffee with Mark, Firas, and Dr. Sam Sneed. Great way to start the day!

Friday is next! Stay warm y'all. Peace.

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