Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go tell the Spartans...

The benchmark 300 workout is Saturday, and I'd like to say I'm confident... Overall I've missed two weeks of training out of the last six due to injuries. The most recent being last week. I've been training this week on my gimpy big toe, and I'm thrilled to be back, but my performance has been lacking. But, I'm showing up on Saturday and giving it my all. I'd love to improve on my time, and but right now I'm just not feeling it.

So my goal is, even if I end up puking, I will finish under the time limit again. It's just a workout after all, it can't kill me right?

Sticking with the theme I thought I'd share this. It's dark, but I think in an inspirational kind of way... this photo is of the Spartan burial mound at Thermopylae.

My favorite translation of the epitaph by Simonides reads:

"Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws, we lie."


  1. I'm glad you're doing the workout on Saturday. If there's killin' happening, it's going to be YOU doing the killing ;-)

  2. Thanks Mel. I'm not feeling it yet but I'm going to show up early on Saturday, cheer everybody on and get fired up!

  3. you rocked it! and how did your toe do?