Friday, September 18, 2009

18 September 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"5 rounds for time"
400 meter run
100 foot overhead lunge with 45lbs plate

16:50 as rx'd. Wow. Tough one. Fun too though in that masochistic kinda way. Then we followed up with a round of tabata ab-mat sit-ups. My sets were 11-11-11-10-10-10-10-11 so I scored 10. Kick ass Friday workout!

What the heck is an overhead lunge? Here's CrossFit Central coach Crystal McReynolds winning her heat with overhead lunges in the 2009 CrossFit Games. ( photo)


  1. Oooooo... I wanna try that workout. Sounds fun! Do you know what the women's elite weight was?

  2. AMAZING work today! You smoked us all! :)

    25lb plate, Mel...