Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 September 2009

WOD1: @ CrossFit Central
30 clean and jerk (ground to overhead) for time @ 135lbs

My time was 7:18 rx'd. This was my second time at Grace and my first time with the weight as prescribed. So chalk up another PR (technically but I'll take it). Just when I was starting to feel normal again, the Mikes hit us with a follow-up...

overhead squat w/PVC

My time on this one was 3:48.

On Saturday October 10th, at the RunTex location there's a Fran challenge going down. Check out CrossFit Central's website for details and sign up. I'll see y'all there for the 9am heat!

Check out coach Big Mike's "Grace" in 89 seconds:

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  1. Way to go RX!

    I love that video of Mike. Sure he's crazy a$$ fast but his form is rock solid the whole time...amazing!