Thursday, June 3, 2010

deadlifts, sandbags, and whole milk... oh my!

Started day two at SICFIT Austin with slightly sore shoulders, but otherwise feeling good.


I kept the loads moderate to work on losing the last of ye ol' stripper deadlift...

handstand walk (feet against wall) x2
wheelbarrow walk (around gym interior) x2

the handstand walk:
Visit for more Videos

Just plain fun!

team of 2 for time:

100 box jumps
3 rounds: (20 sandbag front squats, 2 sandbag carries around outside of gym)
100 box jumps

DNF. Brian and I completed all but 50 box jumps (splitting the work in half) in 8 minutes with the 60lbs sandbag. Fun!

After class I did ten front squats with the 100lbs sandbag... sheesh! Turns out I had it easy today!

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