Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tough hump-day

Started today with a sore back and sore legs. Rolling out as usual prior to warming up seemed to help.

A) hang-clean complex
shrug only, dip to pockets, dip to above the knee

All sets at 95lbs to work form. Jeremy and Zach caught a bad habit of mine I've gotta unlearn: I'm using the open hips position to move the weight making my momentum forward instead of vertical.

B) hang-clean

weights not too heavy, all technique work

for time:
800 meter run
5 rounds of:
7 barbell push-jerk @135lbs
15 ring pull-ups

DNF. 3 rounds completed @ 115lbs in 12 minutes. The run wasn't too bad... just didn't have anything in the tank today. Tough.

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