Monday, August 17, 2009

17 August 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"5 rounds for time"
50 walking lunges carrying a dumbbell anyway @45lbs
30 dumbbell swings @ 45lbs

20:24 rx'd. Rested the DB on my shoulders the whole way - shoulders and arms very, very tired from "Ryan" yesterday, so there was no going overhead on this one! Still smoked me!

Check out these two videos of Dr. Barry Sears discussing the Zone diet and inflammation in the CrossFit Journal. Free to download, and worth your time.


  1. Thanks for the video links to Dr.Sears' lecture. He really explains it in a concise way with a language that is not overwhelming. It helped remind me of why I choose to eat this way. Good luck walking tomorrow and great job this morning!

  2. You did great today Catherine! Hope your wrist did well.

    Dr. Sears has some good stuff up on youtube, although the CrossFit Journal videos and radio interview are some of the better ones I think.

  3. thanks for pushing me through the 300 on way I could have finished it on my own will! I will kill dead hang pullups next time I see them in a wod!

  4. Anytime Kris. And it was ALL you, I just stood there and counted. You did all the work!