Thursday, August 6, 2009

06 August 2009

WOD: @ Austin Unscared
"for time"
21 dumbell push-jerk, 100 meter run, 21 pushups, 100 meter run
15 DB push-jerk, 100 meter run, 15 pushups, 100 meter run
9 DB push-jerk, 100 meter run, 9 pushups, 100 meter run

men: 45lbs DBs, women: 25 lbs DBs

My time was 7:58 rx'd. Quick and fun one!

Do you eat eggs? I love 'em... over-easy, scrambled, with bacon... anyway, check out this article on egg-labels like: cage-free, free-range, organic, etc... which one should you pick? Get informed!


  1. That looks SUPER fun. I *heart* push-jerk. I kinda want to try that one this weekend!

  2. Go for it! It's a good one. I'm going to be at the AHS track sometime Saturday, I'm told they've got tires that need flippin! You and Dave should come join the fun!

  3. eggs are a staple in the Kepler household. we get them straight from the farmers market which are pastured raised chickens. yummy!