Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 August 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
5 rounds for max repititions:
1 minute squat-cleans @ 135lbs barbell
1 minute pullups
1 minute rest

My total score was 88 rx'd. That's squat cleans and pullups combined, and since I only got about 4-6 squat cleans a round, my score is mostly pullups. My strength is improving and I'm usually moving the prescribed weight, just not very fast. Yet.

I'm not going to get political often with this blog, but had to after reading an interesting post on Cooling Inflammation blog. In it, Dr. Ayers takes on the healthcare debate: National Healthcare and Diet.

"All of the degenerative and autoimmune diseases that form the core of current healthcare diagnosis and treatments are rooted in an inflammatory diet and lifestyle dictated by agribusiness and uninformed by science. The media nags about people eating too much and exercising too little. Our obese population is encouraged to lose weight by eating less. Food fat is demonized. Statins are prescribed with religious zeal to lower blood lipids to reduce cardiovascular disease. All of this “health” advice is wrong and unsupported by the biomedical literature."

So right now you're nodding your head saying "well no sh** Sherlock." Problem is, there are how many uninformed Americans that need to hear this? Go back and re-watch the recent videos of Dr. Barry Sears from the CrossFit Journal and ask yourself what healthcare would look like in America if all we did was change the way we ate? I'd bet we wouldn't be on the verge of bankrupting our country with a nationalized healthcare plan... and that's my $.02.


  1. Awesome job this morning! Going Rx'd always slows us down at first but then we get stronger and start setting PR's again. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Georgia! You crushed it today!