Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
5 rounds of:
max rep body weight deadlift
max rep pull-ups
*rest 1-2 minutes between rounds
*score is total number of reps accumulated

I completed a total of 123 reps, with a barbell set at 160lbs. This was a grip killer! I fell off the pullup bar on the first round!! Literally fell and landed on my butt... nothing injured but my pride. Too bad you can't hook-grip the pullup bar... I tried... tough and fun this morning!

Check this out: (from CrossFit Slayer's page)

Numbers 2 and 11 are outstanding!

Also, check out Michael Yon's latest dispatch from Afghanistan. The British "canceled" his embed after this one. Hmmmm?


  1. 123! You beast! :)

    I'm a big fan of #10. It reminds me of my dad who used to say, "No blood? No bones (showing)? No crying."

  2. PS - I worked out with Mike Snyder of CF Slayer at CFOT in Alexandria, VA for a bit before I left for Richmond and we went overseas. Dude is a freaking phenom!

  3. Georgia- CF Slayer was featured on the affiliate page today, that's how I found this list. Come payday I'm going to buy one of their shirts, since it goes to helping them get equipment.

    That's funny... it seems most dad's use the line "If it's not gushing blood, you're not hurt."