Monday, August 31, 2009

31 August 2009

WOD: @ CrossFit Central
"CrossFit Total"
1 rep max back squat (3 attempts)
1 rep max barbell press (3 attempts)
1 rep max deadlift (3 attempts)

I didn't start off well. As a warm up, I did a set of five 135lbs backsquats, then threw 225lbs on the bar and started a rep without focus, without breathing right, and failed. Spectacularly. I could have hurt myself, but was l-u-c-k-y and bailed without any injury. Being stupid with heavy weight is a recipe for injury. So, I picked myself up off the ground, stretched a bit, turned my brain on, talked with my coach Lance, and decided it was best to revisit backsquats another day. Then I got down to business and focused on the barbell press.

back squat: 225F
press: 105lbs (PR tie), 115 (PR), 120 (PR)
deadlift: to be done Wednesday

So... I started off very very poorly this morning, but ended up with a new best on the press, a lesson learned, and no stupidity-induced injuries. Case o' the Mondays? Could be. But come Wednesday, I'm going to beat the backsquat and deadlift like a crappy copy-machine!


  1. Holy cow, Aaron! Glad you're OK.

    CrossFit Total is always so frexciting... the back squat is scary, but then when you nail it, it feels pretty awesome. (And scary.)

    Congratulations on your press PR. WOOT!

    When are you on the hook to attempt back squat again?

  2. Thanks Mel. My back is still a bit sore, so maybe Sunday for backsquats. Depends on how my back is feeling. There was only time for deadlifts in today's class.

    I gotta get back on the horse!